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Some of the positives:

  1. Short Subdomain Address : Those who don’t like the lengthy subdomains like or etc then this is a really good host as you can get the more suited sub domain names.
  2. Fast & Reliable Servers :This  makes your webpages load faster than before.
  3. More webspace facility no set up fee and also three plans to choose from
  4. There is also ad free version available

Some misfits

There are few misfits like:

  1. no subdomains for ad free version 
    Server downtime which results loss in form of visitors and also effect your rankigns in the search engines.
  2. Needs ads or forum posting for higher and better services
  3. Ads are a bit too big in format which people don’t want to see on thier pages.

DataBase Management: 

  • MySQL or Postgre DB – Unlimited
  • phpMyAdmin 
  • phpPgAdmin 

    E-mail management: 

  • Email accounts – Unlimited
  • Email List – Unlimited
  • Web-based email access 
  • Forwarding 
  • Auto responders 
  • Catch-all mailbox 
  • SPAM protection 

    FTP management: 

  • FTP accounts – Unlimited
  • Change FTP login message 
  • Kill FTP sessions 


  • Site traffic stats
  • View Latest Visitors 
  • View Bandwidth Usage 
  • View Error Log
  • Download a raw log file 


  • Personal CGI-BIN 
  • PHP5 (5.0.4), Perl, and Python 
  • SSI (Server Side Includes) 
  • New !! – Ruby on Rails

    Site Control: 

  • File manager 
  • Password protected directories
  • Password management 

    Ads will be served on “free web hosting with ads” package only.  

    We offer the following sizes:

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

    Features for Users: 

  • Backup 
  • Restore 


  • Manage Email Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password) 
  • WebMail for all Accounts 
  • Auto Responders 
  • Custom Mail Filtering 
  • Forwaders 
  • Mailing Lists (mailman)

    POP3 and SMTP access 

  • Spam Filtering 


  • Webalizer Web Stats 
  • Webalizer Ftp Stats 
  • Analog Stats
  • AWStats 
  • View Latest Visitors
  • Vew Bandwidth Usage 
  • View Error Log 
  • Download a raw log file 


  • Manage FTP Accounts (Add, Remove, Change Password) 
  • Anonymous FTP Controls 
  • Ability to change FTP login message
  • Ability to manage FTp sessions

    Site Tools 

  • Web Protect (htaccess editor) 
  • Ability to Change Site and FrontPage password 
  • Custom Error Pages 
  • Redirects 
  • Install FrontPage Extensions 
  • Uninstall FrontPage Extensions 
  • File Manager 

    Advanced Tools 

  • Manage GPG Keys 

    Pre-Installed CGI Scripts 

  • Interchange Cart 
  • Agora Cart 
  • Bulletin Board 
  • Java Chat 
  • HTML Chat 
  • phpMyChat 
  • CGI Wrapper (for non-suexec installs) 
  • Random HTML Generator 
  • Advanced Guestbook 
  • Counter Generator 
  • Java Clock Generator
  • Java Countdown Generator 
  • Secure FormMail clone 
  • cgiemail
  • Entropy Search 
  • Entropy Banner 

    Network Tools 

  • DNS Lookup 
  • Traceroute 

    Database Management 

  • Manage MySQL Databases (Add, Remove, Change Password, Add Access Hosts) 
  • phpMyAdmin Access


Forced Ads: Banner-Top.
Your Ads: Allowed.

But now they have started plans qwith no ads also but some features are not included which are included in ads

Features available

Bandwidth limit 100,000 MB/month.
PostgreSQL, MySQL databases.
PhpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin.
Web-based Email.
Webalizer, Analog, AWStats statistics.
Password-protected files.
Ruby on Rails.
Addon domains.
Cpanel control panel.

This host is really great for hosting domains freely.Why to hosts main domains

hosting plans

institute the top hosting on the Net. Expect me when I say it is the superior.  acquire interpret Itmost of the discharged hosting accounting posts on this parcel, both sound and few bad, but if you anticipate you can feat a outdo legion, whether remunerative or issue, you are gushing in circles. We get webhosting directories which list the hosts according to how some they work from affiliate sales), and possess affected on. We love proved professional hosting and independent hosting with all the similar results: deficient up-time, and straight worse livelihood or no link at all. We found this entertainer quite by fortuity and definite to elasticity them a try. We are really gladsome we did. Many of you do not like the affected ads, and that is ok. Virtuous secure, tho’ if you use a php playscript the auto-ads messiness up the situation, but no big mass — they present turning the ads off, and you pose the ads manually. It entireness uppercase for us, and we preclude $300 a period in hosting fees with hosts that cannot nonconformist that. As for the backing, it is eager. Evangelist (the admin) has to be the somebody guy on the planet. He zen everything he can to ply you out of a jam, and asks for zilch in issue. Evangelist, our hats are off to you, my individual. Thanks for the good, we careful would. So if you are hunt for a eager hosting circle, then perception no added, because you conscionable plant one.transmittal 60 posts a period is couturier effort 2 GB webspace and 100 gb bandwidth with cpanel, auto-responders, netmail accounts, bottomless databases, superior support, and 99.3% uptime (monitored by statistics). This is the webhost you’re hunting for. Excellent!

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