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Free cpanel hosting

Qupis cpanel and joomla hosting

Forced Ads: TextLink-Bottom.
Your Ads: Allowed.

  1. Package Name alpha
  2. Space 150 MB
  3. Bandwidth 5000 MB
  4. CPanel X LATEST RELEASE (untapped! All features Enabled)
  5. PERL (Latest)
  6. PHP (Latest) [ Safe Mode OFF with Complete GD Support ]
  7. SSI
  8. Macromedia Shockwave
  9. 10 Sub-Domains
  10. 2 Parked-Domains
  11. 2 Addon-Domains
  12. 10 mySQL Databases
  13. 10 Email Accounts (POP3)
  14. 10 Email Forwarders
  15. 10 Mailing Lists
  16. 10 Email filters
  17. 10 Ftp Accounts
  18. Password Protection
  19. FrontPage 2002 “XP” extensions
  20. PHPmyAdmin Access
  21. HotLink Protection
  22. Web Based File Manager
  23. FTP Manager
  24. Backup Manager
  25. Disk Usage statistics
  26. Password Protect Individual Directories
  27. Custom Error Pages
  28. Web/FTP Stats
  29. Sub domain Stats
  30. Raw Access Logs
  31. Search Engine Submiter
  32. Scripts Library
  33. CGI Center
  34. Agora Shopping Cart
  35. Network Tools
  36. MIME Types
  37. Apache Handlers
  38. Raw Log Manager
  39. Redirects (Permanent & Temp support)
  40. Manage OpenPGP Keys
  41. Index Manager
  42. IP Deny Manager
  43. Change Language
  44. Error log
  45. SSL Manager
  46. 24/7 Support by Forums

Some positives

  • Fast servers but speed may vary
  • best for beginners and newcomers to web hosting and web site designing.
  • cPanel is awesome

Some misfits

  • – Accounts that are inactive for more than 10 days may be deleted, and there is no explanation given as to why accounts are deleted.
  • – Big files (>1 MB) are NOT allowed.
  • – EXE files, setup programs, Archive files (ZIP, RAR), etc., are NOT allowed.
  • A text link is required including strict regulations which go with it.
  • Even if any of your content obscures the slightest amount of the text ad, they delete your account.
  • Non english websites not allowed
  • Secure SSH/Shell Access and Cronjobs are disabled
  • They do not want users to provide heavy downloads using their server.
  • Accounts with MP3 files, video files or large content used for the purpose of file sharing and abuse are filtered and deleted daily.
  • Qupis deletes accounts without notice when they feel like you are violating their rules
  • Qupis reserves right to suspend inactive websites with no traffic.

On the positive choose, notwithstanding, there are umpteen websites on subdomains of Qupis.com indexed in Google, and they deposit really apace (see for yourself). Also, whereas searching in Google for hosted websites on most opposite atrip hosts arrival a leaning of tons of spammy sites that ordinarily airt to PPC ads or worse, the hosted sites I found after searching and looked at seemed to be pretty enough sites with true unique acceptance (really uncommon). So in unofficial, as daylong as your unrestricted website is not off and you use issue than download sites would not poverty those enter extensions), it seems pretty angelical, but do not use it if your website will not be old untold.

They supply round Cpanel hosting extricated. Obtain SSH/Shell Operation and Cronjobs are disabled (they misused top be listed as feratures), but everything else is thin. The web hosting is fast. They wait neat websites (authenticated sites) to patron with them. Users signing up for websites with random-letter subdomains or with phony info give be deleted. They do not impoverishment users to give wakeless downloads using their computer. Accounts with MP3 files, recording files or large of record distribution and employment are filtered and deleted daily.

They give last PHP and MYSQL versions. This freewebspace is unexcelled for beginners and newcomers to web hosting and web tract designing.
This place has enthusiastic features, but mean uptimes! I autographed up yesterday, and came side to it today to pose joomla on it. My calculate and the qupis.com homepage are now 404 errors! [It entireness now. Your domicile attendant loads, but is works the fail webpage.]

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