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Grade A
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Awardspace is one of the oldest and reliable free webhosting service provider.

  • Its stetup fee is free no monthly fee and nor any annual fee i mean it is cmpletetly free for starters.
  • Storage: Maximum 200 mbBadwidth allowed : 5GB / per month
  • Domains you can host are 2 Subdomains upto 5Ftp accounts 1Front page support is yes.
  • Advanced control panel
  • WEb based file manager
  • Email accounts and aliaseswebmail is yes,POP3
  • Mysql database one and storage limit is 10 mb.
  • PHP my admin and php4/5 support along with perl and cgi
  • Traffic meter stats
  • Firewall protection enabled
  • Power supply and 50bits network connectivity

Lets see first the pluspoints of this free web host:

  • Very low downtime: their servers are up most of the time,it proves to be excellent for the small and medium sized web hosts.
  • NO annoying ads on your website.It has an easy, organized web interface/control panel (even for novice users). I
  • t has lots of features and options.-
  • Better security features: It has good offers for security – The servers have very good availability/uptime record.

Some misfits of this web hosting service are

  • The maximum file size limit is 500kb whch you can upload at once.-Some file types are not allowed to be transferred to hosting panel : no zip, exe, rar, and so on, though there are many free file hosts on the Net which you could use in conjunction with this host to make a download site for such filetypes.
  • – No external programs are allowed to access your database (such as the Navicat MySQL admin tool). Unfortunately for people which really do not know about how to migrate from one site to another website for example some applications which help in automatic import export and migrating your websites might not work here.
  • It has also slow servers and mysql is overloaded which results into errors and connection problems.They are also not providing any quto installer like others you have to upload any script by hands and install it.This makes work mroe difficult for the persons who want to do things quickly.
  • Cpanel of this host is sometimes confusing and SMTP is off

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